dotstudioPRO is an amazing technology that enables you to self manage and distribute your content. It takes down the barriers to distribution and really empowers you to build your business, connect with and grow your audience. As a creator, create your own VOD and AVOD environment and publish your content to your own site, Facebook Page and OTT. Our team works with you to syndicate to publishers who are looking for content to distribute to their audience. dotstudioPRO is non-exclusive…. really its up to you and your business model. Our team works with you directly to ensure that you are maximizing your potential opportunity and your reach. When you succeed we succeed. Our whole mission is to break down the distribution barriers and really have you connect with your audience. Sign up and lets chat!

Are you an Influencer, Sharer, Lover of Movies and Series, Publisher etc.?

It takes a community to build an audience. For content to get seen, it needs your help. Our content creators give you the chance to participate in making their film or series a success. Sign up and help influence content and be rewarded for sharing. Click here to find out more.

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mySpotlightTV aggregates owned and operated video network sites. Advertisers and Brands have the opportunity to not only advertise with mySpotlightTV but also with individual niche targeted networks and integrated branded content. Contact us here if you are interested in our unique business model.

Who We Are

MySpotlightTV is made up of directors, producers, fans, broadcasters and distributors. Together, we support each other in building an audience for our stories and ensuring that we have a chance to connect with you one on one!

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